What dressing is best for fragile skin?

It can be challenging to overcome the complex issue of managing exudate while protecting “at-risk” fragile skin. The Advancis® Advazorb line of foam dressings does just that. It is non-adhesive and has an atraumatic silicone adhesive format. This combination ensures the dressings stay in place while minimizing the potential for maceration.

Available in both a standard thickness and a ‘lite’ version, there are also a variety of sizes and application designs to accommodate most moderate-to-lite draining wounds.  Made from durable and absorptive foam, the comfort rating from patients and clinicians is significantly higher than other foam products due to its conformability. Products with soft-silicone adherent are easily removed without pain and disruption of the wound bed.

Advancis® Advazorb line of foam dressings
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