We have an assisting program for your social media posting. You can save time from searching through our social media library for the perfect post, and ensure any product-specific posts match your inventory. All securely without sharing your Social media account credentials with us.

Secure benefit

Never share your account credentials with us, we will have access to see & schedule our medi® posts, which then you can view, approve or request edits! What an assist!!

Request a consultation to decide:

Schedule & Cadence

The goal is to assist so let’s pick 1-2 days a week where you don’t have to rack your brain to figure out a post. For example medi Mondays and/or Therapeutic Thursdays.


Let’s make sure we are highlighting the specific products you carry, raising awareness of indications or warning signs, and identifying with your branded experience.


View before the posts go out to your social media platforms. Review the post, send back revisions or approve to post. As well as request to receive scheduled reporting and a social media inbox.